Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Days after the Worst Day of my Life

I almost wish the title of this was hyperbole or even mildly exaggerated.  Unfortunately of all the things I've seen, the horrific news delivered like a blow to my stomach, even the news of death couldn't compare to the blinding pain on that first day after surgery.

A couple things I've learned that I wouldn't have even thought about:

  • Using crutches regularly will bruise your armpits and the palms of your hands quickly
  • Using crutches with only one good leg will actually work your lower abs, your obliques and of course your glutes (your bum) on the good side.
  • Having to allow your bad leg to 'dangle lifelessly' so you aren't trying to flex the muscles will eventually wear on your groin muscle on that leg.
  • Percocet can make you simultaneously itchy, nauseous and tired
  • Percocet and Oxycontin taken together will require you to also take stool softeners (hurray!)
  • Having multiple ice packs on rotation in the freezer makes a BIG difference. (I have four)
  • Having somebody around, even if they're not doing anything specific is much more relaxing than being laid up and alone.
  • Having something to do while you're laying around all day is key.  (I have my laptop, my blackberry, and several movies I can access through our wireless home network)
  • If you feel like you need to sleep, just sleep.  Nothing NEEDS to get done, so just sleep as much as your body wants you to
  • Don't overdo anything... the last thing I want is to blow a staple and have to go in and have them refasten me up (shudder)

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