Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dream House

Yeah, yeah we all have that dream house we think about.  Here are a few thoughts on mine.

The kind of house I'd ideally love to have someday is a classic Century Home. A property with mature trees is always a BIG selling point.

Ah yes the porch.  This is a deal breaker for me.  If the house doesn't have a big beautiful country style porch, I won't buy it.  I have dreamed my whole life of having a porch big enough to have rocking chairs, plants, and a hammock or porch swing.

Something I'd love to have in my dream home are dark wood floors.  Black Oak (as seen in the bottom right), is a personal favorite.

Another deal breaker for me; the kitchen. I love the country kitchen above all other kitchens.  In my family, when people are over chances are they're in the kitchen.  This means you have to have a good enough kitchen to entertain in, and cook in simultaneously.  

Terra-Cotta floor tiles are one of my favorite features of a classical country kitchen.  Another must is a cutting-board island.  Of course we all love the stone/granite/marble countertops in our kitchens, but the island isn't for decoration, it's for practicality.  Another feature I'd love in a kitchen is oil-brushed copper faucets and a deep country kitchen sink.  I like the thick, durable ones that you can really clean with.  None of that prissy hardware in MY kitchen, thanks!

And of course the living room.  The living room is where we will probably do all our entertaining that isn't in the kitchen (or likely where I'll do all my reading! - no TVs in our living room; toss that stuff in the basement!).

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