Tuesday, February 9, 2010

College... and then the rest of your life

 stopped by my college today.  I was there to say hello to an old professor of mine, and give him a rundown of how my career has grown since I graduated.  One would think that wandering the halls of your Alma Mater would bring to the mind nostalgic feelings of kinship with the institution.  Actually instead of nostalgia, it felt like home to me!  I joked to my mom later when we spoke that I think it is a sign.

Before I graduated, I spoke to my program coordinator and earnestly told him that if he ever needed someone to come back someday and teach the future students I would be honored to be on his team.  I still have my ear to the ground for any openings for which I would be qualified, but for now I have to suffice with drop-ins and updates on occasion.  It was a nice trip to the college, albeit a busy trip since the halls were littered with cheerful bouncy people (read Student Council) heading up a fund raising event for the Haiti earthquake victims.

Now I am all for humanitarian and relief work where it is needed but I will be happy when this one is behind us.  It seems like everywhere I look there is another Haiti relief fund raising hey-look-isn't-our-business-public-relations-happy event going on.  I do not agree with trendy disasters for the sake of publicity.  It hangs in the air like a stereotypical sleezy used car salesman.  You just feel dirty being around it...

On a lighter note, the real estate market is looking chipper lately in my region.  I have had my eye on the market for about six months now, as my husband and I will begin shopping in about two years (fingers -and toes- crossed).  What I am interested in is a 3-4 bedroom, 2-3 bath, dedatched century home with a finished or partially finished basement.  I know what you are thinking isn't that what everyone wants?  And the answer is yes.  But I am also hedging all my bets on the trend I have seen with the renovated Century homes going up on the market for cheap because a family member died that lived there and the family wants to sell the house quickly.  It sounds sort of morbid I know... but one man's garbage and all that right?  I will get my pretty little Century home and it will be beautiful!

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